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Paragon SC2
Paragon BlueBird
Paragon BlueBird XL
Paragon Caldera-A
Paragon FireFly-S
Paragon SC-2
Paragon SC-2B
Paragon SC-2W
Paragon SC-2BW
Paragon SC-3
Paragon SC-3B
Paragon SC-3W
Paragon SC-3BW
Paragon Xpress E-9A
Paragon Xpress E-10A
Paragon Xpress E-14A
Paragon Xpress Q-11A
Paragon Xpress J-14A
Paragon Home Artist
Paragon KM-14D
Promtheus Pro-7
Paragon Vulcan Mobile
Paragon Fusion 6
Paragon Fusion 7
Paragon Fusion 8
Paragon Fusion 10
Paragon Fusion 14
Paragon CS14S
Paragon CS14D
Paragon Fusion 16
Paragon Fusion Ovation
Paragon GL18
Paragon GL22
Paragon GL24
Paragon Janus 1613
Paragon Janus 24
Prometheus Pro-1
Paragon Vulcan
Paragon Trio
UK To EU Plug Adapter
Ceramic Block
Corfe Castle In Dorset
Cherry Heaven Shop In Corfe Castle
Ceramic-Fibre Cloth
Bullseye Kiln Paper
CR1 Professional Motor Base
CR2 Professional Motor Base
CR5 Professional Motor Base
Large Rubber Drum 2000gm Open
Digital Pyrometer
Cherry Heaven Digital Alarm-Timer
The Dremel Engraver
The Dremel Engraver In Use
EU Plug
Fire Extinguisher
File Set
File Set
Glare-Resistant Glasses
Heat-Resistant Gloves
Flush Cutters
Flat-Nose Pliers
Pointed-Nose Pliers
Bent-Nose Pliers
Round-Nose Pliers
Knife Set
Knife Set
Large Plastic Drum 700gm Closed
Large Rubber Drum 950gm Closed
Large Rubber Drum 950gm Open
Digital Multimeter
Magnetic Polisher
Magnetic Polisher
Magnetic Polisher
Magnetic Polisher
3M HEPA Dust Mask
Mains Tester Screwdriver
Magnetic Polisher Pins
Magnetic Polisher Pins
Protective Safety Glasses
Ring Guage
Bartlett Sentinel Touch Screen
Small Plastic Drum 700gm Closed
Shot: Balls And Planetoids
Shot: Pins And Rods
Soldering Iron
Paragon SC2 Shelf Kit
Small Plastic Drum 700gm Closed
Small Rubber Drum 510gm
Stainless Steel Containers
ST4 Professional Motor Base
ST7 Professional Motor Base
ST8 Professional Motor Base
SEtch on Art Clay By Larissa Johnson
SEtch on Polymer By Larissa Johnson
South-West Of England
Rotary Tumbler Kit 1
Rotary Tumbler Kit 2
Rotary Tumbler Kit 3
Rotary Tumbler Kit 3 With Two Drums
Rotary Tumbler Mini With One Drum
Ultrasonic Cleaner Kit 1
Ultrasonic Cleaner Kit 1
Ultrasonic Cleaner Kit 1
Ultrasonic Cleaner Example
Cherry Heaven USB Loudspeakers
UK Plug
Large Rubber Drum With Vanes Open
The AX-4 Digital Controller
MiniKiln Closed
Paragon BlueBird Open
Lauscha by Carrie Fertig
Activated Charcoal Granules
Caldera A Closed
Caldera AB Closed
Fusion CS14D Open
Fusion CS14SB Closed
Caldera XL Closed
FireFly A Closed
Fusion-7 Open
Fusion-CS16D Open
Fusion 8 Open
HT-14D Closed
Janus 1613 Open
KM14D Open
Paragon-Orton Vent Master: Unassembled
Paragon-Orton Vent Master: Suction Cup
Pearl 18 Open
Potter & Brumfield Relay
SC-2 Black Open
SC2 Open
SC2B Open
SC4 Closed
Sentry Xpress 4.0
Sentry 2.0
SC-2 Pink Open
SC-2 Turqoise Open
SC-2 Purple Open
The Paragon ST-8 Table
TNF 1613 Closed
GL Table
Xpress Top Row Bricks
USB Plug
Xpress E-12A Open
Xpress E-12AB Closed
Xpress E-14 Closed
Xpress Q-11A Open

The Paragon Kilns Photo Library.

US-made firebrick kilns have live heating elements that are exposed whenever the door or lid is open. To comply with EU safety regulations, an additional switch, included in the price, is fitted to cut off the power whenever the kiln is opened. Also, many of the kilns are available in different versions: with bead doors, windows, bead doors and windows, different catches, or door hinges on the opposite side. Consequently, some of the photographs may differ slightly from the actual model.


The Paragon Kilns Photo Library.

To look at the pop-up photos, hold your mouse over the zoom buttons below: you don't need to click.

Zoom In Paragon BlueBird.

Zoom In Paragon BlueBird XL.

Zoom In Paragon Caldera-A.

Zoom In Paragon FireFly-S.

Zoom In Paragon Fusion 6.

Zoom In Paragon Fusion 7

Zoom In Paragon Fusion 8.

Zoom In Paragon Fusion 10.

Zoom In Paragon Fusion 14.

Zoom In Paragon Fusion ClamShell CS14S.

Zoom In Paragon Fusion ClamShell CS14D.

Zoom In Paragon Fusion 16.

Zoom In Paragon Fusion Ovation.

Zoom In Paragon GL18.

Zoom In Paragon GL22.

Zoom In Paragon GL24.

Zoom In Paragon Home Artist.

Zoom In Paragon Janus 1613.

Zoom In Paragon Janus 24.

Zoom In Paragon KM-14D.

Zoom In Paragon SC-2.

Zoom In Paragon SC-2B.

Zoom In Paragon SC-2W.

Zoom In Paragon SC-2BW.

Zoom In Paragon SC-3.

Zoom In Paragon SC-3B.

Zoom In Paragon SC-3W.

Zoom In Paragon SC-3BW.

Zoom In Paragon Trio.

Zoom In Paragon Vulcan.

Zoom In Paragon Xpress E-9A.

Zoom In Paragon Xpress-E10A.

Zoom In Paragon Xpress-E14A.

Zoom In Paragon Xpress-J14A.

Zoom In Paragon Xpress-Q11A.

Zoom In Prometheus Pro-1.

Zoom In Prometheus Pro 7.

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